What Differentiates Medicare From Other Health Insurance?

How To Choose The Right Medicare Advantage Plan In Arizona

If you’ve spent some time reading about health insurance plans, you’ve likely heard about Medicare, which is a federal health insurance program that provides coverage for people who meet specific qualifications. People who are over age 65 automatically qualify for Medicare. Additionally, some people under age 65 qualify for Medicare coverage if they have certain disabilities or end stage renal failure.

Medicare coverage through Mesa Medicare insurance agents bears many similarities to traditional insurance programs, but also has some distinct differences. If you’ve been thinking about changing your insurance plan or recently found out that you qualify for Medicare, you’ve probably noticed some of these differences. Let’s explore them further.

How To Choose The Right Medicare Advantage Plan In Phoenix, AZ.

Medicare 101

With your current or previous insurance plan, you likely had coverage for medical incidents and prescription medications. If you had a health insurance program through your employer, you probably had dental and vision coverage available as well.

Original Medicare, which is the type of plan that some people can receive through the federal government, provides only medical and hospital benefits. Since this may not be enough coverage for most people, especially for those who take prescription medications or have poor eyesight, your Glendale Medicare insurance agent must suggest opting into a plan called Medicare Advantage. These plans combine medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage into one big insurance plan.

Original Medicare is appealing to many seniors, especially those on a fixed income, because the premium is paid by the federal government. Medicare Advantage will carry an additional premium that you must pay for.

What Are The Other Differences Between Medicare & Traditional Insurance Plans?

One of the disadvantages of original Medicare is that it doesn’t have an out-of-pocket maximum. That means that there is no annual limit to how much you must pay for your health care. This could lead to significant amounts of debt and overwhelming medical bills if you have a major incident or health condition. Almost all traditional health care insurance programs do have an out-of-pocket maximum, so that even in a terrible situation, there is a limit to how much you’ll need to pay. Like traditional insurance coverage, Medicare Advantage also has out-of-pocket maximums so you can know in advance exactly how much you may be responsible to pay per year.

Your Chandler Medicare insurance broker can help you understand another major difference between Medicare and other insurance plans, which is that Medicare enrollees are each on their own plan. You and your spouse will each have to enroll separately and receive coverage as individuals. This is different from other insurance plans that you may have gotten through your employer or purchased on your own, where you and your spouse and family were probably all on the same insurance plan.

Coverage For Prescription Medications, Dental Care, & Vision

People who have health insurance through their work or a private purchase probably expect to get coverage every time they go to a doctor’s office, hospital, emergency room, pharmacy, dentist, or eye doctor. But with original Medicare, things are different. The government provides only medical and hospital coverage (which generally includes accidents, injuries, health conditions, inpatient hospital care, hospice, some in-home nursing care, and more). If you take prescription medications, you’ll either need to pay for them out-of-pocket, get Medicare Advantage, or get prescription coverage through a private company.

In addition to prescription medications, original Medicare does not provide coverage for dental or vision. If you need that type of coverage, you may want to consider Medicare Advantage, which rolls medical, hospital, prescription, dental, and vision coverage into one plan, or you’ll need to pay for dental and vision coverage separately through a private insurance company. Talk with your Queen Creek Medicare insurance broker to determine the best and most affordable course of action for your situation. There are many options to consider!

Medicare Advantage Plans

Compared to original Medicare, which is very different from traditional insurance, Medicare Advantage is the most similar. When you have Medicare Advantage coverage, you’ll get medical, hospital, and prescription drug coverage with one insurance card. In most cases, you’ll have dental and vision coverage available too. This keeps things easier since you won’t need to coordinate between the government and a private company. You’ll also have the benefit of an out-of-pocket maximum so you don’t end up with uncontrolled medical bills. Medicare Advantage may be the right choice for you if you’re looking for something that is very similar to the program you had through your employer.

If you’ve purchased your own health insurance plan in the past, or have used one available through your employer, you probably have a good understanding of how the cost of Medicare Advantage plans work. Generally, the more you pay for each tier of coverage, the more benefits you receive and the less you need to pay when you use your insurance and get health care.

Get Coverage Through The Best Medicare Insurance Brokers In Phoenix

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