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    Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plans In Phoenix

    How To Sign Up For Individual Medical Insurance

    Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plans In Phoenix

    If you are looking to sign up for individual and family health insurance plans, consult with the top-rated team of Phoenix health insurance agents at Phoenix Health & Life Insurance. With a world class approach to helping families and individuals find the right coverage to meet their needs, we offer a wide range of affordable health insurance plans in Phoenix. Searching for the right coverage is a complex process, and only a licensed, experienced Phoenix insurance agent can help you navigate the nuances of the health insurance industry.

    Find The Best Individual & Family Health Insurance Plan With Us

    Tailored Family Health Insurance Plans In Phoenix

    When looking to provide your family with health insurance coverage that meets your needs, the team at Phoenix Health Insurance offers a comprehensive approach to ensuring that you have the proper coverage. Customizing your plan is the first step to getting affordable, first rate healthcare.

    With years of industry experience helping families throughout the Valley get detailed and comprehensive family health insurance plans in Phoenix, we can help tailor your insurance to guarantee that all of your needs are met for your children, your spouse, and you.

    How To Enroll
    Family Health Insurance

    Family health insurance is a critical aspect of caring for your family, and with help from our trusted, top-rated Phoenix insurance agents, we can help you get the knowledge and education you deserve to make informed decisions about your healthcare needs.

    Learn how to enroll for family and individual health insurance in Phoenix when you consult with our top rated team of friendly, qualified, and licensed insurance agents. Contact us today to get started.

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    Types of Health Insurance Policies

    Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

    Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

    ACA plans are designed primarily to provide coverage for all major areas of healthcare. In order to qualify as an ACA plan, coverage must have a variety of policy features that give you greater and more immediate access to the healthcare you need, when you need it.

    • Covers preexisting conditions, Pediatric services, General doctor’s visits, & more.
    • Plans are renewable & you can apply during enrollment periods.
    • Government subsidies are available to reduce the premiums for those who qualify.
    • Coverage beings on the first of the month following qualified enrollment.
    Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

    Off Marketplace PPOs

    Off Marketplace PPOs plans are beneficial for healthy individuals looking to lower the costs of their coverage. It is generally described as emergency medical coverage that you can renew annually as long as your health status has not been compromised.

    • Covers emergency medical care & hospitalization in some instances.
    • Offers coverage for ambulatory patient services.
    • Acceptance for Off Marketplace PPOs is not guaranteed.
    • You can apply for coverage at any time.
    Altrua Health Share Plans

    Netwell Healthshare Plans

    Netwell Healthshare plans offer an affordable alternative to traditional insurance where members adhere to specific guidelines and medical bills are shared through its members. As a community-based health plan, certain limitations are created regarding certain medical conditions, thus reducing costs among its members.

    • Affordable healthcare for families and individuals.
    • All memberships include telemedicine, discounts on dental, vision, & hearing.

    • You can visit your own provider with no referrals.
    • Monthly contributions based on age, number of members, and your plan.

    Exclusive Provider
    Organization (EPO)

    This type of health insurance plan requires you to use providers within its own network. This prohibits you from seeking care outside of your plan’s network, and no out-of-network benefits are given under the EPO Plan. They typically cost less than HMO & PPO plans.

    Health Maintenance
    Organization (HMO)

    HMO plans provide applicants with a variety of healthcare services through a mutually agreed network of providers. Under an HMO plan, you may have greater access to preventive healthcare services than other healthcare plans offer. They also offer lower premiums.

    Point of
    Service (POS)

    These types of plans combine some qualities of HMO and PPO plans that come with a range of benefit levels depending on where you receive care. It may require you to designate a primary care physician who will then provide referrals inside the network.

    Preferred Provider
    Organization (PPO)

    Preferred Provider Organization plans are a popular type of plan that allows its policyholders the ability to seek healthcare inside a preferred network without requiring certain referrals from PCPs. In-network services are always covered, no matter which provider you choose.

    How To Purchase Individual & Family Life Insurance Plans In Phoenix

    Off Exchange Health Insurance

    This is where the consumer purchases the health plan directly from the insurance carrier’s website or broker portal. It is always a good idea to utilize the professional advice of a licensed broker as this is an easy insurance product to get wrong. Brokers serve as a valuable resources that can help a consumer navigate and understand doctors and hospital networks and the definitions and mechanics of your policy. Since health insurance prices are fixed by law it only makes sense to get free advice on such a complicated product. If someday insurance companies stop paying commissions then we may see a broker consulting fee come into play. The nice thing about buying “off exchange is that the consumer maintains a direct connection and ability to work directly with the insurance company on things like billing and claims. There is no “Obamacare representative” that you have to deal on behalf of the insurance company. The other nice aspect is that there is no burden of proof on the consumer for things like proof of income or wages. The only negative is the fact that those who qualify for a financial subsidy will not be able to receive the government assistance unless they purchase their plan via the “Obamacare” website

    On Exchange Health Insurance

    When we use the term “On Exchange” we are referring to purchasing your plan through the federal website aka known as “Obamacare”. For our clients the only reason that people should purchase through this site is if we determine that the client is eligible for a sizeable subsidy. We don’t want to go through all the headaches and risks for audit that are attached to this process for a few dollars per month. We recommend that unless your subsidized premium is fairly substantial, and you are willing to provide lengthy documentation, that you consider not going “on Exchange” and purchase your plan“Off Exchange”. If that is not an option then we will help navigate the consumer through the process and help them choose the best plan for their needs. The benefits of the subsidized plans can be the reduction of monthly premiums as well as reduced copays, deductibles also known as “Cost Sharing”. Cost sharing only works on Silver level plans and the consumer needs to understand that a Silver level plan can often have benefits as good, or better benefits than a gold or even platinum level plan. The formula for determining a subsidy is a moving target determined by the amount and age of the people being insured relative to their household family income compared to the Federal Poverty Limit. This is a floating number and is determined each year and based off of the second lowest cost silver plan available in the local market. Bottom line is you want a FFM Certified licensed agent to guide you through this. All of our agents at Phoenix Health and Life Insurance are experience in this field.

    Meet The Agents Of Phoenix Health Insurance

    When seeking individual and family health insurance, we strongly recommend that you seek the expert guidance of a licensed agent. Although you may believe that without their help, you are saving yourself time and money, the risks of not having a professional help you find the right plan could end up costing you dearly. In reality, buying individual and family insurance from an agent doesn’t cost you any more than it does to buy a policy directly from an insurer.

    Additionally, a licensed insurance agent can provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to find the right family or individual insurance policy to fit your needs. At Phoenix Health & Life insurance, we aim to help you find the right coverage, and strive to learn about your short and long term needs so we can help change your coverage accordingly.

    Stacie Howard, Group Health, Individual Health, Life Insurance and Medicare specialist.

    Stacie Howard

    Stacie specializes in Group Health, Individual Health, Life Insurance and Medicare.

    Chris Gabbard, Commercial Group Health, Individual Health, Medicare Plans specialist

    Chris Gabbard

    Licensed agent specializing in Commercial Group Health, Individual Health, Medicare Plans.

    Stacy Petro, Health insurance and Medicare agent

    Stacy Petro

    Health insurance agent, Medicare agent, office manager and customer support specialist.

    Frank Stevens, Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Annuities specialist

    Frank Stevens

    Frank is licensed and specializes in Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Annuities.

    Joe Beehler, Health and Life Insurance Account Specialist

    Joe Beehler

    Licensed Health and Life Insurance Account Specialist

    Lynn Marble, Master General Agent and Medicare & Individual Family Plans specialist

    Lynn Marble

    Master General Agent and specializes in Medicare, Individual Family Plans.

    Joshua Bahr, Arizona Health and Life agent

    Joshua Bahr

    Licensed Health & Life
    Insurance Agent

    We Help Clients Build Custom Healthcare Strategies

    We Help Clients Build Custom Healthcare Strategies

    You dont have to be an expert that is what we are here for. Get the most up to date advice from real people right now. Let our agents help you navigate ACA plans, Short Term Medical, and Healthshare options to determine what is the best fit for you and your family.

    How We Teach

    How We Teach

    Sometimes how we communicate how a plan works is more important than anything. We use a state of the art education through Virtual Screen sharing to Educate and Enroll. Through screen sharing we provide one on one education and counseling to help our clients
    find affordable coverage to fit their needs and their budgets.

    We Are Local

    We Are Local

    One of the strengths about advising clients is our ability to understand the local Hospital and Provider Networks. Our team of licensed agents train and work together to help our clients make the best decisions in a complex world of Health Insurance, Medicare, and Group Health plans that all have different networks.

    100% Online, No Paperwork

    100% Online, No Paperwork

    Because we are committed to making your experience easy and hassle free, we provide a 100% online enrollment process that requires no paperwork and no stress. With help from our licensed health insurance agents in Phoenix, you can learn about which plan is right for you, sign up online, manage your plan, and make changes as your needs vary over time.

    What Makes Us Different?

    What Makes Us Different? We Manage The Best Benefits For You
    • We answer the phone with a real person everytime
    • We listen to our clients
    • We do what’s in the clients best interest not ours
    • We educate with Pros and Cons of each level of coverage
    • We use the best Technology to quote and enroll
    • We are independant and dont work for the carriers
    • We have great customer service


    They Already Protect The Ones They Love The Most
    • Phoenix Health & Life Insurance is a class professional act that can assist you with your Medicare, Life, Group Health and other important Ancillary insurance products. They are well trained and a valuable source of information. Call them if you want straight answers and friendly professional support.

      Paul R. ★★★★★

    • This is absolutely the most excellent insurance company in Phoenix the level of professionalism and care is astounding in age of swindlers milling customers for money. I’ve used them three times and they have gone above and beyond consistently.

      Dustin T.★★★★★

    • I’ve used this company for years for my health insurance. They have always been there to my questions and to make any changes necessary. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

      Veronica M.★★★★★

    • Incredible service, I highly recommend them.

      Marlon D.★★★★★

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    Find The Best Health Insurance Plan With Us

    Family & Individual Health Insurance F.A.Q

    Open enrollment for healthcare plans runs from November 1st through December 15th. These enrollment periods may vary in the future.

    Every plan varies. Contact one of our licensed Phoenix health insurance agents to learn more.

    Based upon your needs as an individual, Phoenix Health & Life Insurance can help you understand what coverage you need most, and assess your budget accordingly. Consult with our insurance agents today to learn which Individual health insurance policy is right for you.

    After the enrollment period, health insurance is generally effective starting January 1st of the new year.

    Costs vary based on the coverage you select. To learn more about what policies are right for your children, contact a Phoenix health insurance agent today.

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