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Phoenix Business Health Insurance Plans

Top-Rated Health Insurance Plans For Large & Small Businesses

Providing quality, affordable health insurance plans for your employees is essential to operating a thriving business. With top-rated insurance plans for large and small businesses, Phoenix Health & Life Insurance has a wide range of benefits and carriers available to help fit the needs of your operation. Let our licensed Phoenix insurance agents help you shop for the right insurance plan to ensure that you get the coverage you need, at the prices you can afford.

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The Best Group Insurance in Phoenix

Insurance Plans for Business as Small as 2 Employees
Insurance Plans For Business As Small As 2 Employees

There are many group health insurance plans available that can fit the needs of businesses with as little as two employees. Contact our Phoenix insurance agents for help navigating these options.

Health Insurance for Large Groups
Health Insurance For Large Groups

Health insurance is a major component of recruiting and retaining happy and productive employees, and at Phoenix Health & Life Insurance, we have carriers that provide health insurance for businesses both big and small!

Year Round Group Health Plans
Year Round Group Health Plans

Year round group health plans allow you to enroll at any time you see fit, and offer a wide range of benefits for small businesses looking to provide health coverage for their employees.

Preferred Provider Organizer Style Network
Preferred Provider Organization Style Network

Preferred Provider Organization networks (PPO) allow patients to visit doctors within the network without the need of listing a primary care physician. Contact our Phoenix insurance agents to see if this plan is right for you.

Stable Prices and Rate Increases
Stable Prices & Rate Increases

Phoenix Health & Life Insurance is dedicated to ensuring that we provide stable prices and rates for businesses seeking to provide comprehensive health coverage for their employees.

100 Percent Online Services
100% Online Services

Committed to making your experience simple and painless, we offer 100% online services so you can explore your coverage options and apply for the best business health insurance in Phoenix.

Affordable Health Insurance
For Business Owners

Full & Part Time
Employee Insurance

Phoenix Health & Life Insurance offers a wide range of coverage options for full and part time employees. Our affordable insurance options allow you to provide the benefits you want for your employees, without drastically affecting your bottom line. Contact us to learn more!

Full & Part Time Employee Insurance
Employee Dependents Coverage

Employee Dependents

Group insurance plans from our Phoenix health insurance agency offer employee dependents qualified coverage for adult dependents through 26 years of age. With many attractive insurance options available, Phoenix Health & Life Insurance is committed to helping you find the right small business health plan.

Provide Health Insurance
Regardless Of Employee
Preexisting Medical Conditions

For the best group health insurance plans in Phoenix, consult with our Phoenix insurance agents. We offer affordable, comprehensive coverage that allows you to give your employees the best insurance regardless of their preexisting medical conditions. Let our team help you shop for your group health plans today!

Provide Health Insurance Regardless Of Employee Preexisting Medical Conditions

Phoenix´s Trusted Business Health
Insurance Agents

  • Phoenix Health & Life Insurance is a class professional act that can assist you with your Medicare, Life, Group Health and other important Ancillary insurance products. They are well trained and a valuable source of information. Call them if you want straight answers and friendly professional support.

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  • This is absolutely the most excellent insurance company in Phoenix the level of professionalism and care is astounding in age of swindlers milling customers for money. I’ve used them three times and they have gone above and beyond consistently.

    Dustin T.★★★★★

  • I’ve used this company for years for my health insurance. They have always been there to my questions and to make any changes necessary. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Veronica M.★★★★★

  • Incredible service, I highly recommend them.

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Our Health Insurance Carriers
BlueCross Blueshield of Arizona

Our Company Health Insurance Benefits

Highest Quality Insurance to Low Rate

Highest Quality Health Insurance At a Low Rate

Committed to giving you the highest quality health insurance for your business, at the lowest possible rates, Phoenix Health & Life Insurance has a team of licensed, experienced insurance agents who can help with your group health plan needs. For businesses both big and small, we have specialized carriers that offer benefits for both employers and employees alike. With no paperwork required, you can sign up for group coverage online, and get the lowest rates we offer! To learn more, consult with the Phoenix health insurance agents at Phoenix Health & Life Insurance.

Excellent Custom Service

Excellent Customer Service

When you consult with Phoenix Health & Life Insurance, you will get a first class customer service experience that allows us to address your needs and concerns when shopping for group health plans and business health insurance. Meet with our licensed insurance agents in Arizona to go over the wide range of carriers we have at our disposal, and which terms allow you to provide affordable, comprehensive coverage for your employees. With custom plans available and 100% online services, shopping for group health plans has never been easier than with Phoenix Health & Life Insurance!

We Help You Find The PerfectGroup Health Insurance Plan That Fits Your Needs

We Help You Find The Perfect
Group Health Insurance Plan That Fits Your Needs

At Phoenix Health & Life Insurance, our goal is to ensure that you get the comprehensive business health insurance coverage you need, at a price point that fits your budget. With a wide range of top-rated carriers and group health insurance plans available, you can keep your employees happy and productive with first rate health coverage with help from our licensed health insurance agents in Phoenix. To learn more, contact us today!

Group Health Insurance Plans

Group Health Insurance plans can be beneficial to the business owner for many reasons.

The employer gets a legitimate tax deductible expenses for the portion of premium that they contribute towards the employees plan.

The employee understands the benefit of having such coverage option made available to them and thus creates an employee benefit retention system. In today’s market those employees who are left out on their own to purchase their own health coverage will find the market options are not good and will seek out employers who do offer benefits like never before.

Buying insurance for your small business (group coverage) has different rules than buying just for yourself or your family (individual coverage). The good news is that coverage for small businesses can be provided to business owners as small as 2-50 employees. In a world where smaller network based plans such as HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations) are becoming more prevalent due to price, PPO plans (Preferred Provider Organizations) are still available in the employer market. Having a PPO option can make all the difference for an employee who needs access to more doctors and hospitals than a traditional HMO plan. Of Americans who have health coverage, nearly 60 percent secure that coverage through an employer-sponsored plan. Millions take advantage of the coverage for reasons as obvious as the employer takes responsibility for a significant portion of the health care premium.

Who Is Eligible for
Group Coverage?

Who Is Elegible For Group Coverage

The general rule is that if an employer offers group health coverage to any full-time employees, the employer must offer coverage to all full-time employees.

The employer has the option to offer coverage to part-time employees (defined as those working fewer than 30 hours per week). If the employer offers coverage to any part-time employees, all of them must be offered coverage.

These rules apply regardless of the medical condition of the employees. In other words, any eligible employee can’t be denied coverage based on previous medical problems, known as preexisting conditions.

In addition, any dependents of eligible employees are generally eligible for coverage under a group plan. Dependents include spouses, children, and in some cases, unmarried domestic partners. Dependents cannot enroll for coverage unless the employee has enrolled.

Under the Affordable Care Act, group insurance plans are required to extend coverage to adult dependents through age 26. This only applies in cases where the adult dependent’s employer does not offer coverage. The provision applies to all people under 26, whether or not their employer offers coverage.

How Are You Tracking the
Enrollment Progress?

we offer EASE, a simplifies solution

Tired of chasing down enrollment forms and decoding illegible signatures? Wish that new employees had answers to their coverage questions? Ease partners with your broker to bring you a streamlined enrollment experience for you and your employees.


Scottsdale Group Health Insurance Plans

Phoenix Health and Life Insurance is proud to offer Scottsdale Group Health Insurance Plans for those who are qualified. Give your full-time employees the highest quality health insurance at a low rate. Make sure all of your full-time employees in your small business are covered. Having a group insurance plan can be extremely beneficial to you and with the lowest rates, Phoenix Health and Life Insurance can help you choose the right Scottsdale Group Health Insurance Plans that will suit your small business.

Scottsdale Group Health Insurance Plans
Tempe Group Health Insurance Plans

Tempe Group Health Insurance Plans

Also offered by Phoenix Health and Life Insurance is the Tempe Group Health Insurance Plan to give all of your full time employees the best health and life insurance possible. With our low rates and excellent customer service, we can help you find the right plan to suit all of your needs. Make sure all of your full-time employees are covered regardless of preexisting conditions that might deny them access to health coverage with other insurance providers. Tempe Group Health Insurance Plans are just what you need for your full-time employees.

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