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Scottsdale Health & Life Insurance is a local Scottsdale insurance broker that provides health insurance for residents throughout the Valley. Shopping for health insurance can be a stressful experience, but with help from the health insurance agents at Scottsdale Health Insurance, you can find the right coverage for you and your family’s needs.

Life Insurance

Although many do not immediately think that life insurance is necessary, as your family grows, the number of people depending on you does too. At Scottsdale Health Insurance, we have trusted life insurance agents who can help find the right policy for you. Consult with the qualified Scottsdale insurance brokers to learn more.


For Scottsdale insurance plans that work in conjunction with Medicaid and Medicare, contact Scottsdale Health Insurance. Our insurance agents near Scottsdale can help find the right policies for you, covering gaps and areas where these programs tend to fall short. Phoenix Health Insurance, can help you get the coverage you need.

Level Funded / Return of Premium Health Insurance



Insurance Products & Services

Scottsdale Individual and Family Insurance Plans

Individual and Family Insurance Plans

Scottsdale Health Insurance has a variety of individual and family insurance plans in Scottsdale. Our insurance agents can help find the policies you need.
Scottsdale Group Health Insurance Plans

Group Health Insurance Plans

For affordable Scottsdale group health insurance plans from a qualified insurance broker, consult with the health insurance agents at Scottsdale Health Insurance.
Scottsdale AZ Medical Supplement Plans

Medical Supplement Plans

The health insurance brokers at Scottsdale Health Insurance can provide a variety of medical supplement plans to help fill gaps in Medicare & Medicaid.
Medicare Advantage Plans in Scottsdale AZ

Medicare Advantage Plans

Scottsdale Health Insurance provides a variety of Medicare advantage plans that offer a variety of benefits for beneficiaries in Scottsdale and throughout the Valley.
Short-Term Health Insurance Plans in Scottsdale AZ

Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

Save on health insurance with short term health insurance plans from Scottsdale Health Insurance. Contact the insurance agents at Scottsdale Health Insurance to find the right policy.
Dental Insurance Plans Scottsdale AZ

Dental Insurance Plans

Scottsdale Health Insurance has a variety of dental insurance plans to choose from, and our qualified insurance brokers can help find the right coverage for you.
Car Accident Insurance Plans Scottsdale

Accident Plans

Accident Insurance plans help cover out of pocket medical expenses that may add up after an injury. Contact Scottsdale Health Insurance for more information.
Critical Illness Plans & Insurance Coverage in Scottsdale AZ

Critical Illness Plans

Some of the insurance plans we provide at Scottsdale Health Insurance also include critical illness plans, providing you with the coverage you need.
Scottsdale Life Insurance Plans

Life Insurance Plans

Find affordable life insurance plans when you consult with the trusted insurance brokers at Scottsdale Health & Life Insurance.
Long Term Care Health Insurance Options In Scottsdale AZ

Long Term Care

The insurance brokers at Scottsdale Health Insurance can help you find the right policies for when you need to plan for long term care in Scottsdale. Contact us today.
Future Annuities and Retirement Insurance Plans in Scottsdale AZ


Navigating the insurance market can be complex, but with help from qualified insurance agents, we can help you understand annuities and a variety of other insurance topics and help find the right insurance plans for you.

We offer a free evaluation for all products and services. If for some reason the coverage you have is better than what we can provide we will be the first to let you know.

“When you do what’s right you can’t go wrong!”

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    Meet The Agents Of Scottsdale Health Insurance

    Lynn Marble, Master General Agent in Scottsdale

    Lynn Marble

    Master General Agent and
    specializes in Medicare, Individual
    Family Plans,
    Stacy Petro provides guidance to people in Arizona looking for health insurance.

    Stacy Petro

    Health insurance agent, office manager and customer support specialist
    Health Insurance agent Chris Gabbard

    Chris Gabbard

    Licensed agent specializing in Commercial Group Health* Individual Health*Medicare Plans*Life Insurance *Dental
    Stacie Howard, Associate Agent in Scottsdale

    Stacie Howard

    Associate Agent
    Stacie specializes in Group Health, Individual Health, Life Insurance  and Medicare .
    Frank Stevens, Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Annuities specialist in Scottsdale

    Frank Stevens

    Frank brings his experience to help make life easier, less stressful and more efficient by helping others make smart financial decisions that will benefit them today and in the future. Frank is licensed and specializes in Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Annuities. He will work with you to achieve your personal an business goals.
    Associate Agent Troy Chevalier in Scottsdale

    Troy Chevalier

    Troy brings his years of experience from Financial Services and the Health/Life insurance industry to serve as an associate agent at Phoenix Health Insurance. He specializes in Group Health, Individual Health, Life Insurance and Medicare.
    Group Account Coordinator Angela Gabbard in Scottsdale

    Angela Gabbard

    Group Account Coordinator and better half of Team Gabbard
    Licensed Health and Life Insurance Account Specialist Joe Beehler in Scottsdale

    Joe Beehler

    Licensed Health and Life Insurance Account Specialist
    Joe is an experienced agent that specializes in Life Insurance, Individual health Insurance, Group Health, Long Term Care, and Dental plans.
     Licensed Health & Life Insurance Specialist Joshua Bahr in Scottsdale

    Joshua Bahr

    Licensed Health & Life Insurance Specialist. 
    Joshua, brings his experience as an educator and local high school football coach to his clients to share life and health insurance strategies for families and small business owners.
    Lucy Swagerty Insurance Agent

    Lucy Swagerty

    Lucy brings over 25 years of experience in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing.
    Lucy has spent the last 14 year specializing in Medicare, Life Insurance, and Property and Casualty Insurance



    Roman brings over 15 years of experience in Insurance and Financial Services. Specializing in Medicare, Life and Annuity, and Individual Family Plans.

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    Our Client Reviews

    Five Stars Reviews for The agents of Phoenix Health Servicing Scottsdale

    “Lynn and staff have saved us a great deal of money over time. They are super responsive and very knowledgeable.”

    Dave S.

    “Stacie immediately took my call and walked me through the entire enrollment process. My problem was solved in 45 mins!”

    Justin T.

    “It was so nice to have someone so knowledgeable to talk to and walk away with all of our questions answered!”

    Alisha A.

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