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Health insurance is an essential piece of life, but can be overwhelming and confusing to determine which policy is the best fit for your needs and your wallet. As licensed and experienced Litchfield Park health insurance agents, Phoenix Health & Life Insurance can offer expert guidance!

Qualified Life Insurance Agents Near Litchfield Park

While life insurance is not typically at the top of the priority list, it is a critical aspect of ensuring your family members and loved ones are financially secure after your death. Contact our Litchfield Park life insurance agents at Phoenix Health & Life Insurance for help.

Best Rated Medicare Policies Near Litchfield Park

Medicare is an excellent opportunity for many people nationwide to receive health coverage. Unfortunately, it is not comprehensive and requires a secondary Litchfield Park health insurance plan to cover the gaps. Let Phoenix Health & Life Insurance help you find the best supplemental plan for your needs!


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    Litchfield Park’s Preferred Insurance Products & Services

    We specialize in the following
    Apache Junction Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

    Individual and Family Insurance Plans

    Medicare Advantage Plans Near Apache Junction

    Medicare Advantage Plans

    Apache Junction Group Health Insurance Plans

    Group Health Insurance Plans

    Short Term Healthcare Plans Near Apache Junction

    Medicare Supplement Plans

    Apache Junction Medical Supplement Plans

    Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

    Car Accident Insurance Plans Near Apache Junction

    Accident Plans

    Apache Junction Annuities Insurance Brokers

    Life Insurance Plans

    Dental Insurance Plans Near Apache Junction

    Critical Illness Plans

    Apache Junction Life Insurance Plans

    Dental Insurance Plans

    Long Term Health Insurance Care In Apache Junction

    Long Term Care

    Critical Injury Health Insurance Coverage Near Apache Junction


    As a top-rated Litchfield Park insurance company, Phoenix Health & Life Insurance is committed to helping clients find the best insurance coverage for their needs. From dental to life insurance, accident coverage and Medicare, our agents are ready to offer honest information and thorough education.

    “When you do what’s right you can’t go wrong!”

    Meet The Agents Of Phoenix Health Insurance Near Litchfield Park

    Lynn Marble Insurance Agent

    Lynn Marble

    Master General Agent and specializes in Medicare, Individual Family Plans.


    Stacie Howard Insurance Agent

    Stacie Howard

    Individual Family Plans

    Chris Gabbard Insurance Agent

    Chris Gabbard

    Group Benefits

    Frank Stevens Insurance Agent

    Frank Stevens

    Financial Services

    Stacy Petro Insurance Agent

    Stacy Petro

    Customer Service / Operations Director

    Stacie Howard Insurance Agent

    Brent Clouse

    Business Development Manager

    Troy Chevalier Insurance Agent

    Troy Chevalier

    Troy specializes in Group Health, Individual Health, Life Insurance and Medicare.

    Angela Gabbard Insurance Agent

    Angela Gabbard

    Group Account Coordinator and better half of Team Gabbard

    Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

    Joe Beehler

    Licensed Health and Life Insurance Account Specialist
    Joe is an experienced agent that specializes in Life Insurance, Individual health Insurance, Group Health, Long Term Care, and Dental plans.

    Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

    Joshua Bahr

    Licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent.
    Joshua, brings his experience as an educator and local high school football coach to his clients to share life and health insurance strategies for families and small business owners.

    Karyn Ellsworth Insurance Agent

    Karyn Ellsworth

    Karyn is a Licensed Health Insurance Agent who specializes in Medicare Planning, & Individual Family Plans. Karyn loves helping others and brings with her over 15 years of customer service expertise.

    Karyn Ellsworth Insurance Agent

    Lucy Swagerty

    Lucy brings over 25 years of experience in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. Lucy has spent the last 14 year specializing in Medicare, Life Insurance, and Property and Casualty Insurance

    Karyn Ellsworth Insurance Agent

    Roman Stolcis

    Roman brings over 15 years of experience in Insurance and Financial Services. Specializing in Medicare, Life and Annuity, and Individual Family Plans.

    Karen Szilagyi Insurance Agent

    Karen Szilagyi

    A licensed Health and Life Agent. She specializes in Medicare, Individual, Family health plans, Life Insurance and group options.

    Karen Szilagyi Insurance Agent

    Luis Whiteman

    A Licensed Health and Life Agent. He specializes in Medicare, Individual, Family Health plans, life Insurance and group options. Habla Español.

    Our Client Reviews

    “Stacie Howard was great to work with. She knew what I needed as was very knowledgeable of my options and my needs. Stacie has been my agent for a few years now and I would highly recommend her insurance services to anyone!!!”

    JOHN S.


    “My visit with Mr Lynn Marble over Health insurance was a great experience. Mr Marble was very knowledgeable about health insurance and helped me with making the right choice for my needs.”

    STAN U.


    “Phoenix Health Insurance was referred to me by my business partner. From day one that I contacted them through all the registration process and after, I had a great experience with their knowledge and costumer service.”

    NANCY M.


    Our Service Areas

    PHX Health Insurance Also Provides East Valley Health Insurance

    East Valley Health Insurance

    Finding proper health coverage for your loved ones in the East Valley can be a frustrating journey. Whether you are facing coverage gaps in your current plan or need to start over fresh, Phoenix Health & Life Insurance can help.

    PHX Health Insurance Also Provides Scottsdale Health Insurance

    Scottsdale Health Insurance

    With the wide range of health insurance policies available in Scottsdale, having expert guidance from a licensed agent can make the process smooth and simple. Phoenix Health & Life Insurance is an excellent resource as you seek coverage!

    PHX Health Insurance Also Provides West Valley Health Insurance

    West Valley Health Insurance

    Whether you are seeking an insurance policy for yourself, your employees, or your loved ones in the West Valley, Phoenix Health & Life Insurance is an experienced agency that specializes in helping clients understand the coverage options available to them.

    PHX Health Insurance Also Provides Tempe Health Insurance

    Tempe Health Insurance

    When you need professional help finding affordable, comprehensive health coverage in Tempe, visit Phoenix Health & Life Insurance right away. We know the details of every plan available and can help you find the best policy for your needs and budget.

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    New IRS Rules For Employers Regarding Health Insurance

    Within the past year, the IRS posed a question to themselves to consider imposing more specific rules and guidelines to employers. These rules were in regard to the effect of employers’ decisions to contribute to employees choosing alternate healthcare coverage.

    What are the consequences to the employer if the employer does not establish a health insurance plan for its own employees, but reimburses those employees for premiums they pay for health insurance (either through a qualified health plan in the marketplace or outside the marketplace)?

    Employer Payment Plans

    In order to be set apart from health reimbursement accounts (HRA’s) and healthcare flexible spending accounts (FSA’s), the IRA designated the new arrangement of specific guidelines to be known as “employer payment plans”.

    Because employer payment plans are considered to be group health plans, as such they are subject to the provisions and rules of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This includes the prohibition of an annual limit for essential health benefits, along with the requirement for full coverage on preventive health services. Unfortunately, these provisions also mean that employees cannot purchase separate coverage for these particular benefits, because according to the IRS, employer payment plans “cannot be integrated with individual policies to satisfy the market reforms”.

    The IRS has mandated that because employer payment plans do not satisfy the market reforms, employers would be required to pay an excise tax of up to $100 per day per employee. That totals up to $36,500 per year for just one single employee, let alone 50 or 100 or more employees.

    While the IRS and Department of Labor have decided that HRAs and healthcare FSAs are acceptable plans for helping employees pay for certain benefits including vision, dental, accidents, long-term care, and automobile medical payment coverage, it has been determined that employer payment plans cannot be integrated with either one.

    Wraparound Coverage

    Fortunately, there is an alternate form of health coverage available that is not actually subject to ACA requirements. Called “wraparound coverage”, it was established in 2015 and determines that employers can help employees buy basic health insurance without being penalized. This insurance must be supplementary to a standard health plan that does meet ACA requirements, and coverage cannot cost more than 15% of the standard health plan cost offered to the rest of the employees.

    For employers still pursuing other healthcare options, the penalties for an employer payment plan can be avoided by giving employees a pay raise that will sufficiently cover their health benefits.

    However, if this is the route you choose as an employer, remember that pay raises equal increased payroll taxes. Ultimately, because all income is taxed, the amount your employees will have left available to cover the cost of health premiums will be less than intended. Additionally, employees may soon forget why they actually received the raise, and can quickly become resentful that a standard health plan is not offered to them as valued employees.

    Lastly, it is important to note that even if you provide a salary raise to your employees to avoid employer payment plan penalties, you will still be subject to the penalty required for not providing a health coverage plan to your employees.

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