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Health insurance is important to have for both you and your family, and at Phoenix Health Insurance, we have a variety of Glendale health policies that provide you with the coverage that best fits your needs. Our Glendale health insurance agents can make the complicated task of shopping for health insurance simple and easy.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a critical part of your insurance coverage, and it is essential to help support your family as it grows along with the number of people depending on you. Our trusted Glendale life insurance agents can help you navigate this complex market and find the right policy that suits your needs.


Medicare and Medicaid are far from perfect, and they provide a small amount of coverage that can then be supplemented by medigap coverage. At Phoenix Health Insurance, we can help find the right insurance plans that cover these gaps and provide a more sustainable insurance plan for you. Contact our Glendale insurance brokers!

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Insurance Products & Services

We specialize in the following:

Gilbert Individual and Family Insurance Plans

Individual and Family Insurance Plans

Find a wide range of affordable Glendale individual and family insurance plans when you talk with one of our trusted insurance brokers at Phoenix Health Insurance.
Glendale Group Health Insurance Plans

Group Health Insurance Plans

Phoenix Health Insurance offers a variety of Glendale group health insurance plans for small businesses throughout the Valley. Contact our trusted insurance brokers today.
Glendale Medical Supplement Plans

Medical Supplement Plans

Medical supplement plans are designed to fill gaps in medicare and medicaid, and with help from the insurance agents at Phoenix Health Insurance, we can find the right coverage for you.
Glendale Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare advantage plans offer a variety of benefits for those seeking to find better coverage that isn’t always provided by Medicare and Medicaid.
Glendale Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

Short term health insurance plans are an excellent way to save on health insurance. Find a variety of policies to choose from at Phoenix Health Insurance.
Glendale Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance Plans

For the best dental insurance plans, consult with the insurance brokers at Phoenix Health Insurance. Get the coverage you need today.
Glendale Accident Plans

Accident Plans

Phoenix Health Insurance has insurance policies and accident plans that help cover out of pocket medical expenses that add up after an injury.
Glendale Critical Illness Plans

Critical Illness Plans

Find a variety of critical illness plans at Phoenix Health Insurance, helping you with the expenses that often come with critical care.
Glendale Life Insurance Plans

Life Insurance Plans

We offer affordable life insurance plans in Glendale, and our team of trusted Glendale insurance brokers can help find the right life insurance policies that best fit your needs.
Glendale Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Phoenix Health Insurance offers a variety of insurance plans to help you plan for long term care in Arizona. Contact us today to find out more.
Glendale Annuities


With help from the qualified Glendale insurance brokers, we can help you navigate the annuities insurance plans we provide.

We offer a free evaluation for all products and services. If for some reason the coverage you have is better than what we can provide we will be the first to let you know.

“When you do what’s right you can’t go wrong!”

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Contact Us

    Lynn Marble Insurance Agent

    Lynn Marble

    Master General Agent and specializes in Medicare, Individual Family Plans.


    Stacie Howard Insurance Agent

    Stacie Howard

    Individual Family Plans

    Chris Gabbard Insurance Agent

    Chris Gabbard

    Group Benefits

    Frank Stevens Insurance Agent

    Frank Stevens

    Financial Services

    Stacy Petro Insurance Agent

    Stacy Petro

    Customer Service / Operations Director

    Stacie Howard Insurance Agent

    Brent Clouse

    Business Development Manager

    Troy Chevalier Insurance Agent

    Troy Chevalier

    Troy specializes in Group Health, Individual Health, Life Insurance and Medicare.

    Angela Gabbard Insurance Agent

    Angela Gabbard

    Group Account Coordinator and better half of Team Gabbard

    Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

    Joe Beehler

    Licensed Health and Life Insurance Account Specialist
    Joe is an experienced agent that specializes in Life Insurance, Individual health Insurance, Group Health, Long Term Care, and Dental plans.

    Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

    Joshua Bahr

    Licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent.
    Joshua, brings his experience as an educator and local high school football coach to his clients to share life and health insurance strategies for families and small business owners.

    Karyn Ellsworth Insurance Agent

    Karyn Ellsworth

    Karyn is a Licensed Health Insurance Agent who specializes in Medicare Planning, & Individual Family Plans. Karyn loves helping others and brings with her over 15 years of customer service expertise.

    Karyn Ellsworth Insurance Agent

    Lucy Swagerty

    Lucy brings over 25 years of experience in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. Lucy has spent the last 14 year specializing in Medicare, Life Insurance, and Property and Casualty Insurance

    Karyn Ellsworth Insurance Agent

    Roman Stolcis

    Roman brings over 15 years of experience in Insurance and Financial Services. Specializing in Medicare, Life and Annuity, and Individual Family Plans.

    Karen Szilagyi Insurance Agent

    Karen Szilagyi

    A licensed Health and Life Agent. She specializes in Medicare, Individual, Family health plans, Life Insurance and group options.

    Karen Szilagyi Insurance Agent

    Luis Whiteman

    A Licensed Health and Life Agent. He specializes in Medicare, Individual, Family Health plans, life Insurance and group options. Habla Español.

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    Five Stars Reviews for The agents of Phoenix Health

    “Renewing my health insurance plan can be a real pain, but Stacy always makes the process easy and even enjoyable!”
    Austin S.
    “Great experience here. The agents were super easy to work with and helped us pick a great health insurance plan. Would recommend!”
    Olivia W.
    “Our family just got heath insurance from here. We are so happy to have found a company to work with and help us find the best policy!”
    John P.

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